ActivTapp® 3-Way Faucet

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Nature's Strongest Disinfectant at Your Fingertips
for People, Pets and Plants

ActivTapp® is a new kind of residential kitchen faucet that brings nature’s most powerful cleaning agent to your home. It’s patented technology mixes ozone with water to produce a natural, powerful disinfectant in just seconds.

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The sleek design delivers activated oxygen water directly from your homes water supply through the faucet reducing bacteria, viruses, and pesticides found on fruit, vegetables, seafood, poultry, and meat, keeping food fresh; retain its quality, color, and flavor longer. It also disinfects and oxidizes multi-food surfaces like sinks, counter-tops, sponges, and cutting boards, reducing mold and mildew.

“My family loves the ActivTapp Faucet! We use it to rinse our fruits and vegetables, wash our cutting boards, to disinfecting and sanitizing of our dish cloths, sponges and counter tops without the use of smelly bleach. We couldn’t be happier.”  Joe Holstein – Quality Home Services, Fresno, CA

ActivTapp faucets are designed for ease of installation, identical to installing any new faucet. The equipment is hidden away under the sink, and easily connects to the required utilities. Just plug the unit into any 120v outlet and a convenient on/off switch allows the user to select ozone or no ozone. The side-spray faucet is dedicated to an ozone rinse, and the 3-way faucet delivers, hot, cold, or ozonated water.


  •  Ozone approved by USDA & USFDA for direct contact with food products
  •  Ozone is made on site, with nothing to store or transport
  •  Ozone leaves no residual chemicals on food products
  •  Increased product quality, color, and flavor
  •  Extends shelf life
  •  Ozone is 100% chemical free
  •  Ozone does not alter the taste of food
  •  Ozone is safer than most other antimicrobials
  •  Ozone improves taste and appearance
  •  Ozone is used in every U.S. public drinking water utility that uses surface water or has problem water
  •  Ozone is a required treatment component for bottled water


Kitchen and Utility Sinks

  •  Fruits and vegetables
  •  Meat, fish, poultry
  •  Counter tops
  •  Sponges
  •  Wash cloths
  •  Reusable water bottles

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